Wake Up Your Idea Networkers

Wake Up Your Idea Networkers

Wow. This title sure seem harsh. In fact it is not.

I was fortunately to surround myself with successful network marketers and had learn a lot from them in terms of business building, self development and team building. When I take a step back and see the big picture, I found many networkers are still running in circles.

And that come to, have you wake up your idea yet?

Well, if you are reading this post, stop for a moment, ask yourself, have you accomplish what you have so far? Ask yourself honestly. If not, why?

Have you been able to sponsor your first ever person to your team? Or are you running around doing unproductive activities?

Have you wake up your idea yet? We are in a business of our own and the team is your resources and for leveraging. If you still think the whole world own you a living, better quit now. It will do you more good than harm.

So, think now fellow networker, think hard and be honest to yourself, have you constantly educating yourself, pushing yourself to the next level and managing expectation of your network marketing business?

If not, wake up your idea networkers

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  1. to elaborate furthur, which i think u should, one must have a biz plan. it may be a simple plan but plan your work and work your plan. most new networkers (and failed networkers) simply did not take their biz as a normal biz. somehow they expected the biz to take off by itself and as if by magic, the network will grow. maybe its the fault of the sponsor, u know, drawing circles and circles and extrapolating the exponential growth! network marketing indeed has its own magic that is when we hit a certain critical mass, the business will grow as our partners, together with us continue building the group which will translate to a large base of consumers, biz builders and fans.but for starters and nobody can shortcut this is a great deal of passion, education and discipline is mandatory. understand your business, your products, your company philosophy and comp plan. build credibility and credibility is only gained by giving value to people. give people what they want first and you will get all you want without even having to ask! the secret to success is no secret at all.

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    Hi William,

    Thank you for commenting on my blog post and you have made a good point there by pointing out one must have a business plan. This is a good way for any network marketer to start managing their own expectation in their own business.


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