Single Product VS Multiple Product Line

Does it really matters?

Well, it really up to individual. If we are talking about a unified team approach and to cut through those products fact sheets, then single product line is well worth it. This will create a very fast team momentum because,

  • Each team member only remember one product spec sheets
  • There is a unified approach within the team as how to say about the product
  • They can target more effectively within the market they are in
  • They can also target niches

But how about Multiple Products Line?

Some like the variety of product being display in front of them. As I’ve been in both camps, multiple products line posed a challenge to everybody. If you are entering or want considering entering one, then you might want to consider what type of industry they are in. Are they in the super juice, household essentials or others consumable.

The thing that you have to take note is that, are they sorting out the product into a series of relevant products that you can talk to specific person if they want to come join you. For example, if you are in a household essential product company, and they had separate their product into a series of for men, for floor, for washing dishes. Then you can effectively target or talk to if a guy comes around or a mother whom come saying I want to join the team.

For multiple products line, my suggestion is to remember the benefit of the product and find a common or sweet spot to target. So that you won’t have to remember in details how each single product work and how. If that product benefit them and they believe you can bring them to where they want, then you hit the jack pot.

Although saying is much easier than done, one has to earn it. So if you ask me which one is better, both are all right and both are doable. It still comes down to the relationship you build, the way you market.

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