Over Work Under Paid 35 Years Old Cable Installer Show You How to Work From Home Without Experience While…

…Leveraging Your Efforts On An Unique Platform

Hi there,

Thanks for dropping by. My name is Jeffrey, born in Sunny Singapore.

Let me share with you a story…

Before I work from home full time, I was like other people, having a job squeezing in train on a daily basis. I did this for 3 years straight with the only day off on Chinese New Year.

I tell myself that this is not the life I wanted as I don’t want to get restricted to what time I wake up, what clothes to wear and what time to knock off. And I make a bold decision back then….

I Fire My Boss

And I become self-employed.

I thought if I’m the boss myself, I can control the things I can’t working for others. I started a boutique internet marketing business where I provide ecommerce marketing and social media marketing services to business owners.

Initially, my business was doing good but due to economy downturn, business owners seek cheaper alternatives to advertise their business.

I found myself working more hours than a shift worker could and always 1 project away from broke.

Things were so bad that I left with a few hundred in my bank account…..

If you asked me if I ever feel like giving up? Yes I do. But it’s the desire of not getting back to workplace spur me on.

I want freedom so badly that I gladly accept any ad-hoc assignment I could land on. Once I read a book that says “Don’t give up on your dreams”. If you give up on your dream, you will never succeed.

One take away that I’ve learned from my own failure is being able to adapt to changes because the only constant is our life is CHANGE.

If we failed to adapt to changes, we will be change – by the society.

Each of us have total control in our life – if we let them to be. When you focus on being better each day, success will follow you. You attract success – no matter who you are.

How I Bounced Back…

In mid 2015, one of my mutual friend on Facebook introduces me to take a look at an online ecommerce business opportunity.

I said to myself “Oh no not again!”

But back then, I really in need of extra income to stay alive, so I just give this a shot. With no experience, I just follow the system and the training. Fast forward to today, I’m glad that I have started this journey that today I’m able to heave a sign of relief that the ecommerce business opportunity have given me back my hope, my freedom and my health. And most importantly, I’ve made even more new friends and partner in this opportunity that leads me with greater know-how to earn more income.


I don’t want you to invest anything yet. Instead, what I want for you is to check out for yourself to see if both of us have any chemistry to work together. So go ahead to fill up the form below and I get in touch with you soon.