MLM Pyramid VS Corporations Pyramid

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Wow!! I guess I just open up a can of worms.But I couldn’t resist it – anymore. The reason I’m writing this post is to educate and inform you what really is MLM or Network Marketing all about. Let’s face it, every popular things has its negative or side effect where people are trying to cash in on. Just search online, you will find plenty of scam out there.

Well, why not look at this industry in a different perspective?

Put the negative thinking aside and process the information below to see for yourself if MLM or network marketing industry or business model is a viable one or not. So, let’s get started by looking at the picture below.

I believe that the above structure is what we are used to, right? Where you got only one CEO and followed by President, Vice President and so on and so forth till you reach the bottom of the pyramid where most of us are there.

So, have you think of how much does a CEO earns? Does he do all the work? I’m sure he or she does. As he or she need to steer to the company to the right directions to have profits. However, does your future feel secure? The CEO has the power to retrench anybody else below them. And can you over take your superior in order to climb the corporate ladder?

Well, the reality maybe harsh but the fact is, there is so much handful of position in the company to be filled. If they over filled certain position, it may not be profitable for the company right? But when economy is down, the company decides to retrench, the lower rung will probably will have to go first.

How About Network Marketing?

Network marketing is a pyramid structure too. Talk to any of the network marketers, ask them to draw out their compensation plan, you will notice that it is a pyramid. But if you do open your mind and look at how this business model works, you probably will be amazed.

So, do you need PHD, MBA or some prestigious Degree to get into network marketing? No. You can even be a boss running a profitable business. You can even be a school drop out to become one. In network marketing, we start equal at ground zero. And then we acquire the right skill set to move onwards and forward.

That where we as a network marketer will earn.

Isn’t it the above will earn a lot of money by recruiting others below them?

Well, I don’t deny that some compensation plans are design to be in that way. But legitimate companies are not. Most of them are based on sales volume and the beauty of network marketing is, you are in fact leveraging the team effort to become successful. If you think that this is not ethical or illegal, think again. Does your boss leverage on your time and effort to help him earn his income and freedom?

Well, but here in network marketing, each of us has an equal chance to earn, leverage and attained time freedom.

It is just matter of time and the right skill sets that you acquire along the way in your network marketing industry. So you probably be thinking, isn’t too good to be true? Well, I see it this way, network marketing is essentially a marketing business combine with word-of -mouth advertising (which so happen that we used it in our everyday lifes)

We recommend people to good food, movies and even gadget. But we didn’t get pay for. Network marketing does.

So, I hope that this post will help you see how network marketing industry works and allow you to make an informed decision when you want to enter this industry. If you like to know more about this industry, please feel free to contact me.

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