MLM Is A Flawed System to Cheat Others of Their Hard Earned Money

Many said YES while most said NO.

I’ve been asked and challenged to by many prospects and people. I do not blame them. Many didn’t know the system well enough to make a proper judgment.

Today, I’m going to share with you insight that maybe controversial that MLM system is flawed and here why.

Where Can You Find Pyramid?

As we know, MLM works in a pyramid pattern same as others companies out there, where the CEO or head of company will be on top, followed by VP or Directors, followed by management personnel and lastly the majority of us whom need to wake up early, slog our heart out and battle politics just to get paid monthly.

We also know that many system for corporates is already flawed with the head earning so much (that is due to the responsibility and value they bring to company) as compare to the majority of us at the bottom of the food chain and do you see a pattern forming here?

This is just exactly what works in MLM.

But many still said MLM is flawed and cheating many of their hard earn money.

Another Way Another Light – Perhaps?

If one were to join a MLM company, they started out equally with other new MLM people – because you do not need any academic qualification to join.

Now this is where the FLAWED system comes into play.

Due to the nature of MLM system, you get paid on commission. With that being said, you are building your own business, your own team, your own income. No longer, will you hear about overtime pay, pantry talk and politics. However,  many failed or even shun MLM at all cost not because they can’t afford it, it’s mainly because they are not prepared to take charge of their own life and to better their life of their family or loved ones.

So, when they failed, they blamed FLAWED system and everybody but themselves. Do you see that? They carry thier traits from office to MLM.

Not True? See This

You may argue with me. However, think about it, your working place is already running a pyramid layout, if you were to get promoted, is either you play office politics very well or you get stab by others.

Either way, you either get hunted or being hunt.

Don’t stay in the state of denial.

We’ve recently experience an economic crisis and do happen to see that almost top people in your company stays, while the bottom one goes?

What does it says to you?

Isn’t it time to jump into MLM Flawed System to better secure your future, join fun loving people that you like and earn extra income for your family to provide them the freedom?

The choice is yours. Think it over. Your live once. 🙂

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