How are MLM activities governed in Singapore?

MLM activities in Singapore are governed by the Multi-level Marketing and Pyramid Selling(Prohibition) Act. The Ministry of Trade and Industry administers the Act. — Source Ministry of Trade, Singapore (URL:

If you are residing in Singapore for any matter of time or are a citizen of Singapore, you probably had heard about MLM and popular companies like Amyway, Herbalife, Elken and the infamous Sunshine Empire. Though Sunshine Empire made head lines way back in Feb 2009, network marketing or the commonly used term MLM is still  a taboo in Singapore.

From what I see that in Singapore, those people who avoid MLM or network marketing like plague can be categorize into 3 main groups. They are,

  • Those who get in and get con or can’t find any real result
  • Those who see from their friends who are already get con or cannot see any result from them
  • Those how hear rumor about how mlm-er are hard selling their products by inviting them to home parties and their office presentation.

Well, we can’t really blame these people because they lack of proper knowledge of how network marketing is being operate and runs. And because of the rumors and some of the bad press on and offline, that makes mlm in Singapore difficult but not impossible.

However, on the other hand, many Singaporeans who know the benefit of network marketing are reaping the effect of it and are doing the correct way.

If you want to know how MLM is being regulated in Singapore, click here to find out more.

More information about Direct Selling Association of Singapore.

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  1. Really surprise to see Sunshine Empire listed by you as the infamous MLM in Singapore because in REAL fact, Sunshine Empire is a SCAM. Ask most professional networkers and they will tell you that. 😉

  2. Post

    Hi David,

    Thank you for you comment. And yes, I do know perfectly well that Sunshine Empire is a scam and that all of my friends who are involved in this company can’t get their money back.

    David, perhaps you had misunderstood the meaning of the word “infamous”. You can find the exact meaning of the word infamous provided by by clicking the link below.


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