Grand Sun Review The Spa Machine

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A few days back, I was being invited by a distributor from Grand Sun to her company. After hearing their presentation and getting more information about the company from her, I understand that this company is a Taiwan based company and is in health and wellness line.

They have a wonderful product which they dubbed it as the “SPA Machine” or SG2000 Home Spa. It has many testimonial to back up and many success story from people using from it. In regards to their compensation plan, one can start small by buying a machine that cost about $2200 (price may change, please do you homework) and work from there. However, if you want to earn more, you would want to buy in or ‘locked-in’ your position. The ‘locked-in’ pricing that I get from her, is around the range of $13,000. (again please do your homework)

They claim that they have a way to off load all the machines within X number of time and that if you will be able to break even the machine that you bought in the first place. Although there is no autoship or monthly maintenance, but they have small little bottle that you will want to use in conjunction with the machine you bought to full effect. From the distributor, she said that one small bottle will cost about $100.

Now, that if you are reading this review, you probably are into Grand Sun or thinking getting into Grand Sun. Be it which position you are in now, the most important thing in your Grand Sun business is your leads. If you are still trying to ‘share’ your products with your friends and relatives but nothing works out for you, then you had better think of a better strategy to do your business.

And it really does take at least 7 person to break for your first machine. And that does not take into account that you might want to buy small bottles which are cost $100 (do your homework). So do the maths and if you think you can get 7 to break even, how about your team? Can they?

There are many ways to do your Grand Sun business. But do you want to know how to do it effectively before joining or after joining? If you are doing it the wrong way, then you will a higher chance of failing even though the business is legitimate and the business model is doable.

To find out how to do it effectively before joining Grand Sun, I have prepare a free training center just for you. Simply scroll up and put your name and email to the form on the right to access to the training center.

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  1. As a skeptical chemist, I bought this machine and used it. This instrument is NOT good for consumer use. This instrument is categorized as an ozone generator. Ozone generators are banned by HEALTH CANADA and by the FDA and EPA in many parts of the USA.

    For more information on ozone and its negative effects on human health, see:

    It is the negligent marketers and salespeople who know little to nothing about health and science who promote this product. Note that the only distribution centers are in Asia where there is little regulation on such products.

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