Big Buts Small Buts So Many Butts

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Cut your BUTS off!!!!

Yup cut that off!

No use saying BUT BUT and more BUT. If you are reading this post as a network marketer, you know exactly how it feel when your prospect are saying BUT to you.

BUT I had not time…BUT I need to do this first…BUT I had bills to pay..

However, when comes you, you probably may have some BUTs….

BUT I do not know how to set up a blog…BUT I do not know internet marketing…BUT my upline have more exposure than me…BUT I working part time so I do not have much result to show…

But But But…

But deep down in your heart you may want … BUT I want to live my dream…BUT I want to earn 10K per month…BUT I want to build a huge organization under me..

But But But…

But YOU DO NOT ACTION. Just saying the BUT will not help you either. So get to work now and quit saying BUT!

The more you say BUT, the more you will get distance from your team.

Remember why you get started in network marketing.

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